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DreadBall Xtreme is a fast paced and fun tabletop boardgame where you take on the role of a savage Sponsor controlling a team of the Universes most vicious athletes competing in a nonstop contest of skill, tactics and ruthless violence for fame and glory! Your players strive to score points by getting the ball into in their opponents Strike Zone, either though elegant tactics and subtle moves, or the brutal bludgeoning of anyone who stands in their way.

Play in a claustrophobic arena littered with interactive deadly bobby-trapped scenery

  • Build your own bespoke team of savage thugs and deadly aliens to crush your opponents
  • Dynamic game play allows you to finish a breathless match in under an hour!
  • Magnificent Mantic miniatures are ready assembled to allow instant play
  • Have enormous fun playing dirty tricks, sneaky weapons and brutal fouls on your friends to win the match